Migou Advertising Solution include types of online advertising that offer unique ways to reach your target audience.



We provide video transcoding, real-time video broadcasting and video on-demand running on world class CDN to reach your end users with max speed. 

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Cloud Storage

Unlimited on-line space to store your data in the most cost effective way which also helps you to deploy your data worldwide or to backup your data on clould.

Network/Web Acceleration

Boost network access for your customers in a more reliable/cost effective way.

Network Load Balance

Automate network traffic sharing in-between physic DCs and cloud DCs, or in a hybrid mode.

DNS Acceleration/Protection

Shorten DNS query time and prevent DNS DDos attacks.

Cloud Hosting

One stop shop of IT infrastructure including computing, storage, backup, database...etc.

DDos Mitigation

Ensure services continuity during DDos attacks.

Web Application Firewall

The guardian of your web applications.

Client Web Security

All-in-one solution for URL filtering, Anti-Malware, APT, DLP..etc.

Cloud OA

Increase your productivity anywhere with no limitation.